RIGHT | Cressi Swim Goggles Cressi
RIGHT | Cressi Swim Goggles Cressi
RIGHT | Cressi Swim Goggles Cressi
RIGHT | Cressi Swim Goggles Cressi
RIGHT | Cressi Swim Goggles Cressi
RIGHT | Cressi Swim Goggles Cressi
RIGHT | Cressi Swim Goggles Cressi
RIGHT | Cressi Swim Goggles Cressi

RIGHT Goggles | Cressi Swim Goggles

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RIGHT googles  RIGHT googles

RIGHT Goggles are prestigious goggles with slightly curved lenses on the outer profile to offer maximum visibility.

The gasket is made with hypoallergenic, high-quality TPR to ensure comfort and a perfect seal. The double-strap is made of silicone to ensure a perfect fit without over-tightening.

The Cressi-patented buckle system makes adjusting the strap effortlessly.

Easy replacement of strap and buckle system.

The lenses are anti-scratch resistant, 100% UV protection, and anti-fog treated.  

The Right is versatile goggles recommended for recreational swimming, as well as both indoor and outdoor use.

  • U.S. PAT 5.956.778
  • Elastic nose bridge for perfect adaptability to a large number of facial profiles
  • Slightly inclined lenses to increase the field of view
  • Lenses are shatterproof
  • Anti-fog treated
  • 100 % UV protection
  • The nose gasket is made with hypoallergenic, high-quality TPR 
  • Double-strap is made of silicone to ensure a perfect fit  
  • The Cressi-patented buckle system makes adjusting the strap effortlessly
  • Ideal for recreational swimming.

RIGHT googles

RIGHT googles

RIGHT googles

RIGHT Googles Feature

Goggles feature a slightly bent lens on the outer profile for best visibility. Cressi's cutting-edge technology ensures good sealing on a wide range of facial shapes. Interchangeable strap with innovative, instant, micro metrically adjustable buckles, similar to those found on Cressi-sub diving masks.

External anti-scratch treatment, UV protection, and internal anti-fog treatment are all included in these lenses. Large (regular) and Small (minimalist) versions are available (smaller sizes).

The Cressi Junior Right Swimming Goggles are an excellent addition to your swimming gear. You can benefit from various benefits at our online store swimming, and if you place your purchase right away, you will receive it in a few days at home. In addition, more swimming products that match Cressi Right Swimming Goggles Junior can be found in our online swimming store.

  • Adult swimming mask suitable for both men and women, ideal for open water and recreational swimming.
  • The flexible silicone skirt fits a variety of face shapes. The silicone ensures a secure and comfortable fit. The RIGHT Googles comes with colored lenses.
  • Shatterproof lenses are scratch-resistant and anti-fog, providing 100 percent UV protection. Slanted lenses provide maximum visibility at an angle of 18 degrees.
  • Patented buckles with micro-metric adjustability are featured on this highly robust interchangeable strap.
  • Cressi, a pioneer in dive, snorkeling, and swimming equipment since 1946, invented and manufactured the Planet in Italy.