Pull Buoy

Swimming Pull Buoy

Pull Buoy can be a handy tool to up your swimming technique. A great aid to training arm and shoulder muscles for kids and adults alike!

Swimming is excellent as it keeps you fit and helps you stay healthy. It's fun and exciting. However, with the wrong technique, you could end up unusually tired or even hurt yourself. 

So to help you to streamline your body and learn the correct use of your arm and shoulders, Swimcore introduces a high-quality pull buoy! A simple but handy tool to build your upper body strength. It's effective for mentally focusing on proper hip rotation generated by the core.

A perfect solution to all your swimming needs!!!

Here's why it's a must-have for you:

Durable EVA construction: The pull Buoy's is made with EVA foam that remains strong at low temperatures. The pull buoy can retain resistance to UV radiation and stress-cracking due to its construction with high-quality EVA material. The foam material is durable and does not chafe or irritate the skin.

Help to Improve Your Technique: The pull buoy Improves stroke technique and helps to generate symmetry in body movement that improves overall swim strokes. 

Maximizes the Upper Body Strength: The pull buoy aid you in maximizing your upper body to swim workout by immobilizing your legs to focus the swimming on the arms, shoulders, and upper body.

Easy to Use: This simple yet effective swimming companion is exceptionally comfortable and doesn't slip during your pull workout.

Add versatility to your swim workouts; use a pull buoy in your routine!


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2 products