Cressi Dry TEK Bag | DRY TEK Cressi
Cressi Dry TEK Bag | DRY TEK Cressi
Cressi Dry TEK Bag | DRY TEK Cressi

Cressi Dry TEK Bag | DRY TEK

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Cressi Dry TEK Bag Is A Waterproof Bag

It’s great for protecting items and clothing from sand, soil, water, and snow. To close it, roll it down from the top and fasten the buckle. It is very easy to transport using the handy shoulder strap. Ideal for carrying your suit, fins, and mask, even when they’re wet. Do not submerge the bag! Available in a range of sizes and colors.

  • Top buckle and shoulder strap
  • The shoulder strap carabiner fastens to the loop
  • Made of durable PVC
  • Hermetic seams
  • Handy closure
  • Adjustable, removable shoulder strap


Cressi Dry TEK Bag
Cressi Dry TEK Bag

Cressi Dry TEK Bag Features

The Cressi Dry TEK Bags are made for water sports and boating. They're constructed of a high-quality, durable soft-touch fabric. It is simple to transport by packing it inside another bag. Electronically welded seams ensure that the bag is completely waterproof. This best design offers all-around protection for your goods. The bags have a roll-top closure with a side-release buckle in the squeeze style. The roll-top provides a carry handle for easy travel when the buckle is fastened. The backpack straps on the bags are also easily adjustable.

The Cressi dry bag backpack is made of strong PVC material, which keeps it completely waterproof. The dry bag's fusion welded seams keep water, sand, and dust out, making it ideal for boating, kayaking, paddling, snowboarding, sailing, canoeing, surfing, and other water sports. The waterproof dry bag comes with two adjustable backpack straps so that you may use it in two different ways. It provides the highest level of security for your things.

  • Ideal for boats and aquatic sports, this waterproof bag protects your gear.
  • The backpack is completely waterproof, thanks to electronically bonded seams.
  • Proven design: all-purpose, dependable gear protection.
  • For transportation, easily pack inside another bag.
  • Over-the-shoulder transport with an adjustable shoulder strap.

Cressi Dry TEK Bag Design

Squeeze-style side-release buckle secures the roll top. When the buckle is fastened, the roll-top becomes a carry handle for convenient transportation.

Imported synthetic waterproof bag for hunting or spearfishing equipment; electronically welded seams keep the bag completely watertight. Proven design and all-purpose, dependable gear protection. Cressi Dry TEK Bag transports easily within another bag and has an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying over the shoulder.

When the side-release buckle is fastened, the roll-top becomes a carry handle for easy travel. Cressi has been an Italian brand pioneer in scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming equipment since 1953, and the Dry Bag is designed in Italy and manufactured in China.