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      As a swimmer, surfer, diver, windsurfer or canoeist you must be looking for a perfect wetsuit that has insulation and buoyancy.

      Welcome Water Lovers and Adventurers! Wetsuits for women are our speciality. We’ve picked out the highest-quality, Italian-made neoprene wetsuits for maximum comfort. These women's wetsuits support insulation, buoyancy and protection against UV, abrasion and stings from marine creatures you might encounter on your adventures in the sea! All our wetsuits have been stringently tested and crafted by Cressi, the indisputable founding head of scuba gear. When you buy from Swimcore's seal of approval, you are guaranteed durability, flexibility and a great price point.

      These contemporary designs and attractive colours flatter all body types, check out the collection below.

      11 products

      11 products