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Comfort And Safety For Swimming And Water Aerobics Training

Swim swimsuit with resistant handles and opening in the back, designed for swimming sports. Chlorine resistant fabric with Polyester and 50 fsp protection. Inner face in Polyamide

Produced in Polyester fabric and modeling and exclusive print. New technology for printing in Polyester, abusing the vitality of the colors, combining a high concentration of elastane, providing compression in the fabric, high safety and durability, in addition to comfort during training. 

Ideal for frequent use in fresh or salt water. 

It has front and back lining.

*Each piece is unique and can have a print variation according to the cut and can also present a color variation according to the access monitor.

Technical Data: 
Non-toxic product.
Composition: 90% polyester and 10% elastane.
Details: 100% polyamide.
Warranty: Against manufacturing defect.

Recommendations for use:
- When drying, do not use the sun or dryers.
- When washing, use neutral soap.
- After use, wash with fresh water.swimwear uk

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