Core Vest | Cressi Base Layer | Men Cressi
Core Vest | Cressi Base Layer | Men Cressi
Core Vest | Cressi Base Layer | Men Cressi

Core Vest | Cressi Base Layer | Men

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Core VestCore Vest

You Must Wear A Base Layer That Draw Sweat Away From You

Core Vest keeps you dry and warm when you are active in cold conditions. It has a multi-thickness to keep you protected from harsh weather conditions. Wear it under a dry suit for added warmth.

  • Thickness 2.5 mm

Core Vest

Core Vest

Core Vest Feature

When engaging in physical activity in cold weather, it is essential to put on a base layer that will wick moisture away from the body, ensuring that you remain dry and comfortable despite your perspiration. The utmost superiority in neoprene core vests! The vest is made of neoprene with a core thickness of 2.5 millimeters, intended to be worn underneath the wetsuit. Get yourself ready for your next scuba diving adventure!

  • Please put it on underneath your wet or dry suit for extra insulation.
  • Sleeveless undersuit composed of neoprene 2.5 millimeters Free of clips
  • More breathable and comfy at the same time
  • Choose the size that is most comfortable for you. The Cressi layer is relatively elastic, so it can easily conform to your shape while still doing its job to keep you warm.

Core Vest Design

Since 1946, the Cressi family has been at the forefront of innovation in the world of water sports through their company, Cressi.

  • Neoprene bodysuit with no sleeves and no clips, measuring 2.5 millimeters in thickness.
  • More breathable and comfy at the same time
  • It is an excellent addition to your sleeveless 2.5mm neoprene wetsuit if you want to boost the thermal protection it provides.

The Cressi Men's Black Compression Vest will lower your core temperature than most traditional textiles. This garment offers several benefits, including support for the muscles, less chance of chafing and muscle fatigue, and decreased likelihood of injury. It is the only Base Layer you need because it is constructed with an exclusive high-quality Nylon and Lycra fabrication that allows for breathability, durability, and body temperature regulation.

This Cressi Compression Vest is built to last, has a variety of uses, and is incredibly lightweight. This sleeveless design, which features a mesh strip on the back for increased breathability, is versatile enough to be worn while competing or as part of a uniform.

  • The fabrication Core Vest is quick-drying and wicks away moisture
  • Stretch in all four directions
  • The back contains a mesh panel for increased airflow.
  • When you move, the Cressi GRIP on the hem prevents it from riding up.
  • Temperature-regulating material that is both flexible and breathable
  • UPF30+ sun protection

At Cressi, we employ an essentialist approach to design, which means that every feature has a purpose, and there are no distractions for you. The Bauhaus school of design inspired this approach to design.