Cressi Dry Backpack | DRY Bag Cressi
Cressi Dry Backpack | DRY Bag Cressi
Cressi Dry Backpack | DRY Bag Cressi
Cressi Dry Backpack | DRY Bag Cressi
Cressi Dry Backpack | DRY Bag Cressi

Cressi Dry Backpack | DRY Bag

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Cressi dry backpack is great for protecting items and clothing from sand, soil, water, and snow. To close it, roll it down from the top and fasten the buckle. It is very easy to transport using the handy shoulder strap. Ideal for carrying your suit, fins, and mask, even when they’re wet. Do not submerge the bag! Available in a range of colors

  • Waterproof Professional Backpack
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Ideal for outdoor water activities
  • High-quality soft-touch material
  • 60L capacity


Cressi dry backpack
Cressi dry backpack

Cressi Dry Backpack Features

The Cressi Dry Backpack was created to suit the technological requirements of active water sports enthusiasts. The Dry Backpack will protect your equipment by keeping the water elements away, just as it protects you from the elements. The perfect dry bag for usage on or near water. It is made of garments that are built to last, we source the world's most technologically sophisticated materials, construct the finest quality design, and use the greatest production procedures.

  • PVC Welded Construction
  • Dry compartment inside
  • Front breathable mesh compartment 
  • The design is water and sand-resistant.
  • Sealing System for Roll Tops
  •  The shoulder straps and waistband are padded.

Cressi Dry Backpack Design

Use superior, seamless technology to make it waterproof. When you undertake some water sports like boating and kayaking, but not underwater sports, our dry bag has an overall waterproof capability, ensuring that your items and valuables stay dry. The waterproof bag perfectly adapts to all types of weather and climate and is wear-resistant material suitable for outdoor activities.

Environmentally friendly

It is designed to reduce environmental impact. We employ biodegradable and compostable packaging bags, reduce waste in our manufacturing, and create items that last.

Performance Guaranteed

The quality of dry Backpack bags is guaranteed. Excessive exposure to chlorine or sunshine does not cause fading or deterioration.


Multifunctional Shoulder Straps & Handle for backpacking and shoulder carrying, ideal for activities like boating, rafting, kayaking, swimming, and mountaineering. The light dry bag can relieve the strain on your arms and shoulders.

The Cressi dry backpack allows you to easily locate your goods without having to rummage into the bag, and it can read the message on your phone or pad.