Freestanding Pull Up Bar | Chillin On The Bars® Swimcore
Freestanding Pull Up Bar | Chillin On The Bars® Swimcore

Freestanding Pull Up Bar | Chillin On The Bars®

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Free Standing Pull Up Bar UK | Outdoor Free Standing Pull Up



• Pull-Ups
• Chin Ups
• Muscle Ups 
• Rings

Chillin On The Bars Pull Up Bars are designed for calisthenics enthusiasts who love to spend a lot of time exercising with calisthenics. Strong and durable the pull-up bar is made for the outdoors but can be used indoors if you have space. 

Designed for Pull-Ups, Chin Ups, Muscle Ups and Rings.

We sell the Parallettes Add On separately to be used in conjunction with this product.

This is designed and made in the UK for regular use.

The heavy tubes are 34mm in diameter and made from galvanised steel. Galvanised means these tubes have been dipped in zinc to protect the steel from rusting. The steel looks rough and unpolished but is made for a purpose.

The pull-up bar is quick and easy to assemble with clamp fittings and an Allen key.

Let me know if you want to change the height, length, width or anything on the Pull Up Bar to make this more efficient for your training.


• Made in the UK
• Height is selected
• Length 206cm Approx
• Pull Up Bar width 106cm Approx
• Width inclusive of stabilizers 180cm Approx
• Max Weight: Tested to 120KG
• Tube Diameter 34mm
• Galvanised Steel for rust protection
• Allen Key included


The Pull Up Bar tubes arrive wrapped in plastic, and the connections come in an unbranded, reused box delivered directly from the manufacturer. 

Available in the UK ONLY.

We do not accept returns due to the size of the product. If on the rare occasion there is a damaged or missing part we will replace this upon notification from you.

We are not liable for any damage to persons or property arising from the use of this product. The pull-up bar has been designed for the specified exercises only. Please ensure that the pull-up bar is safe and fittings are fully tightened before every use.
free standing pull up bar