Kids Sunglasses Cressi | KIDDO Cressi
Kids Sunglasses Cressi | KIDDO Cressi
Kids Sunglasses Cressi | KIDDO Cressi
Kids Sunglasses Cressi | KIDDO Cressi
Kids Sunglasses Cressi | KIDDO Cressi
Kids Sunglasses Cressi | KIDDO Cressi
Kids Sunglasses Cressi | KIDDO Cressi
Kids Sunglasses Cressi | KIDDO Cressi

Kids Sunglasses Cressi | KIDDO

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This kids sunglasses by Cressi for children fit comfortably. They block reflections and protect against up to 100% of UV rays. They offer a sharp vision rich in detail while increasing visual contrast. They protect the eyes from solar radiation, filter out glare, and improve vision. Polarized lenses. Available in a broad assortment of colors. The mirrored lenses are coated with CRT (Cressi Revo Treatment), improving mirroring and offering excellent performance in light conditions.

  • High quality, unbreakable lenses
  • Anti-glare treatment
  • Sharp, high-contrast vision
  • Microfibre glasses and eyewear bag
  • Protective, Polarized, Antireflection


Kids sunglasses
Kids sunglasses

Kids Sunglasses Feature

The Kiddo Kids Sunglasses sunglasses for kids are durable and entertaining. They reduce reflections and protect against UV radiation by up to 100%. They provide clear, detailed vision while improving visual contrast. They shield the eyes from harmful UV rays, reduce glare, and improve eyesight. Lenses with polarization. Available in a wide range of colors. CRT (Cressi Revo Treatment) is applied to the mirrored lenses, which increases mirroring and provides outstanding performance in all light settings. These glasses have innovative REVO coatings on the mirrored lenses, which provide exceptional performance in various light settings and environments. The lens's mirrored design ensures maximum brightness and a high-definition image.

  • Lens made of a combination of materials.
  • UV protection is polarized Coating coating coating
  • Designed with children in mind
  • Design from Italy

Kids Sunglasses design

Cressi sunglass lenses are designed to shield your eyes from the sun, particularly near water, and they block out all UV rays, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine while maintaining clear vision. Choose a dark hue if your eyes are light-sensitive. Darker lenses in kids sunglasses protect your eyes in harsh sunshine, while lighter and gradient lenses are ideal for cloudy skies with less sunlight.

The polarising filter in the Cressi sunglasses ensures clear vision free of glare and reflections. Polarized sunglasses from Cressi reduce damaging sunlight reflected from horizontal surfaces like water or a road surface while allowing vertical light to reach the eye. Vertical light is beneficial to human eyes and aids eyesight. Cressi sunglasses provide excellent optical quality, blocking reflections and providing UV protection. They provide clear, detailed vision while increasing contrast and shielding the eyes from harmful radiation. This mixture in kids sunglasses reduces eye fatigue and increases comfort. Suitable for children aged six and up.

  • Frame made of imported polycarbonate
  • The included rigid enclosure is both functional and beautiful.
  • Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses