Rash Guard Men Long Sleeve Dive Center Swimcore
Rash Guard Men Long Sleeve Dive Center Swimcore
Rash Guard Men Long Sleeve Dive Center Swimcore

Rash Guard Men Long Sleeve | Cressi | Swimcore

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 Rash Guard Men

Rash Guard Men is a long-sleeved protective t-shirt is made from special, stretchy material. It offers excellent protection from the sun, wind, and low temperatures either in the water or when dry. Available in color black.

Rash Guard Men Feature

Long sleeve t-shirts with UV UPF 30+ protection are constructed of high-quality elastic fabric and are exclusively available in long sleeves. It's the ideal garment to shield the swimmer's body from the wind, sun, urticating jellyfish, and friction with the seafloor.

Its design is built on broad panels, and the little sewing enhances the natural fabric's elasticity and reduces irritating friction. Flat stitching and anti-scuff markings' thread was used for all sewing.

Purchase Cressi Rash Guard Men at swimcore right away! At swimcore, all our suits and accessories come with the full Cressi manufacturer warranty. When you shop at our dive shop, you may take advantage of the benefits of being a member of our dive community. Cressi Rash Guard Dive Center can be yours as soon as you place your order. This protective long-sleeved t-shirt is constructed from a unique, elastic material. The sea or dry land protects against the sun, wind, and low temperatures.

Rash Guard Men Design

It's also the ideal item of clothing to wear underneath a diving suit. Its high neck prevents the typical neck friction that occurs when diving continuously for an extended period.

  • Spandex, Nylon
  • Imported
  • This long-sleeved rash guard is perfect for all water sports, including surfing, diving, paddleboarding, and more!
  • Consists of elastic nylon fabric that clings to the skin and insulates the body. The form-fitting, high-stretch fabric allows for optimum flexibility. Excellent for adding warmth as a layer under wetsuits.
  • Defends against irritations such as chafing. For comfort and longevity, flat-lock stitching is used for seams. Twenty percent spandex and eighty percent nylon. 190 g/m2 for thickness.
  • Cressi created the Rash Guard men in Italy, and Colombia produced it. Since 1946, Cressi has been a leading Italian manufacturer of swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling gear.
  • The rash guard fits tightly. It is advised to use the sizing chart to determine the appropriate size.

Rash Guard Men