Sunglasses NINJA FLOATING | Cressi Cressi
Sunglasses NINJA FLOATING | Cressi Cressi
Sunglasses NINJA FLOATING | Cressi Cressi
Sunglasses NINJA FLOATING | Cressi Cressi
Sunglasses NINJA FLOATING | Cressi Cressi
Sunglasses NINJA FLOATING | Cressi Cressi
Sunglasses NINJA FLOATING | Cressi Cressi

Sunglasses NINJA FLOATING | Cressi

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Sunglasses NINJA are perfect for those practising sports in general, especially those who enjoy fishing, jet skiing, windsurfing, and sailing. This particular floating version confirms that their ideal use is in water sports.

The solar filters in the lenses offer 100% protection from UV rays that block luminous reflections and glare, ensuring crystal clear vision and good contrast. Thanks to the WRH treatment that makes them water-repellent and hydrophobic, the lenses remain clean at all times, yet another feature that makes these glasses indispensable when boating or sailing.

The antireflection treatment also comes in handy when driving in that it drastically reduces reflection from the road surface and improves vision.


  • Protective
  • Polarized
  • Antireflection


Sunglasses NINJA
Sunglasses NINJA

Sunglasses NINJA Feature

Sunglasses NINJA by Cressi summer sunglasses were designed to safeguard your field of vision near the water. The Cressi Sunglasses NINJA solar filters provide clear, high-contrast vision while providing complete UV protection. They also prevent reflected light. Organic glass, a perfect material known for its light weight and resilience to impacts, is used to make the lenses. The polarizing filters enhance eyesight even more. The HTC treatment layer renders the lenses clean-able and water-repellent.

Droplets of water slide off the surfaces thanks to the protective HTC (Hydrophobic Tech Coating) treatment, leaving them free of streaks and debris. For clear and distinct vision, this protection makes the lenses more robust and long-lasting. The HTC layer makes the lens incredibly smooth and simple to clean while still keeping it dirt-resistant. Cressi sunglasses feature excellent optical quality; they reduce glare and shield the wearer from UV rays. They provide a crisp, detailed, and contrast-rich field of vision while shielding the eyes from damaging radiation. Combining these two elements enhances comfort and lessens eye fatigue.

Sunglasses NINJA Design

The Cressi sunglasses' polarizing filter ensures clear vision free from reflections and glare. Cressi polarized sunglasses allow vertical light to enter the eye while blocking harmful sunlight reflected from horizontal surfaces, such as water or a road surface. For human eyes, vertical light is crucial and improves vision.

  • 50 percent plastic and 50 percent imported triacetate cellulose
  • Adult-designed Sunglasses NINJA are perfect for summer trips and water sports.
  • They have anti-glare polarized lenses with UV protection to shield swimmers' eyes from the sun's damaging rays while they are outside.
  • A pouch bag and a hard case with a zip closure are included with the NINJA for storage.
  • Cressi created the Sunglasses NINJA , which is manufactured in China. Since 1946, Cressi has led the way in the development of scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming equipment in Italy.