Swim Wetsuit | Cressi Triton Man Cressi
Swim Wetsuit | Cressi Triton Man Cressi
Swim Wetsuit | Cressi Triton Man Cressi
Swim Wetsuit | Cressi Triton Man Cressi
Swim Wetsuit | Cressi Triton Man Cressi
Swim Wetsuit | Cressi Triton Man Cressi

Triton Man Swim Wetsuit | Cressi

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Triton ManTriton Man

Triton Man Benefits From Cressi's Lengthy Experience In Patterning, Production, And Materials Rising From Its Free Diving And Scuba Suits

Its cut optimizes comfort and prevents scraping, especially in points of greater mobility.

This integral one-piece has been designed specifically for swimming and free diving, even though its technical characteristics make it an excellent option for SCUBA diving in warm waters.

Constructed of 1.5 mm high-density neoprene, with a smooth exterior finish and Glide Skin water-proof treatment that guarantees exceptional hydrodynamics and good resistance to tearing.

The internal layer is Ultrastretch©, extraordinarily elastic and smooth to prevent scrapes.

The collar has a smooth neoprene cuff finish to optimize the suit's comfortability while preventing scraping.

Metallic YKK zipper semi-seal with anti-corrosion treatment for superior durability. "Smooth against smooth" flaps to minimize water leaks in the back area.

The panel assembly consists of flat sewing with anti-fraying thread.

Triton Man Feature

  • Anti-corrosion metallic YKK zipper semi-seal for maximum durability
  • flaps that are "smooth against smooth" reduce water leaks at the back. a compact integrated container for storing little things
  • The inverted scaling finish improves the swimming stroke on the neoprene area below the forearms.
  • A smooth neoprene cuff finish on the collar enhances suit comfort while reducing rubbing.
  • Anti-fraying thread is used for flat sewing in panel construction.

Triton Man Design

Cressi Triton Man All in One Swim Wetsuit 1.5mm benefits from Cressi's extensive patterning, production, and material experience, which stems from its free diving and SCUBA suits.

Particularly in areas with more motion, its cut maximizes comfort and reduces scraping. Even though its technical qualities make it an excellent choice for SCUBA diving in warm waters, this integrated one-piece has been created exclusively for swimming and free diving.

With a smooth outer finish, Glide Skin water-proof treatment, and 1.5 mm high-density neoprene construction, the item promises excellent hydrodynamics and strong tearing resistance. The inside layer is ultra-elastic, smooth, and stretchy to prevent scrapes.

Triton Man suit's comfort is maximized while reducing scraping thanks to the collar's smooth neoprene cuff finish. Anti-corrosion metallic YKK zipper semi-seal for maximum longevity. To reduce water leaks in the back, use flaps that are "smooth against smooth." Flat sewing with anti-fraying thread is used to assemble the panels.

Triton Man