Swimsuit BELA | FREEDOM Swimcore
Swimsuit BELA | FREEDOM Swimcore
Swimsuit BELA | FREEDOM Swimcore
Swimsuit BELA | FREEDOM Swimcore
Swimsuit BELA | FREEDOM Swimcore
Swimsuit BELA | FREEDOM Swimcore

Women Swimsuit BELA | FREEDOM

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Training & Leisure Swimsuit | Women Swimwear 
Women Swimsuit has a model BELA Swimsuit that features thin straps in a V-back. Medium bum coverage. Front and back lining.


Women Swimsuit

Women Swimsuit

Women Swimsuit

Our product is unique in the world and was specially developed by Olympic athlete Fabiola Molina. Its innovative composition provides durability, resistance to chlorine, and chemical products than ordinary swimwear. It provides an ideal compression for any sports activity. Creating a smart fit for the body. It has an extremely soft touch providing maximum comfort.

All characteristics are maintained after several washes, being ideal for all aquatic activities.

It’s Oeko-tex certified, which guarantees the non-toxicity of the fabric.

Brazilian and international elite swimmers love how it fits and looks due to our exclusive prints and modelling, making the workouts faster and more fun.

Women Swimsuit

Women Swimsuit Design

Compared to traditional swimwear, its novel construction offers durability and resistance to chlorine and chemical agents. It offers the best compression for any type of athletic activity. Achieving a body fit that is intelligent. The highest amount of comfort is provided by its incredibly soft touch.

  • After multiple washing, every attribute remains, making it perfect for all water activities.
  • It has Oeko-tex certification, which ensures the fabric is non-toxic.
  • Due to our unique prints and modeling, elite swimmers from Brazil and other countries adore how it fits and looks, which makes workouts faster and more enjoyable.

Women Swimsuit Feature

Before making a purchase, review the Competitive Fit sizing chart. Swimmers who want a looser fit are advised to select a larger size.

  • Our performance swimsuits feature our highest leg cut visibly, which is meant to sit above the hip bone.
  • Compression and a soft, subtle finish for improved performance and quicker recovery
  • At a fantastic price, fabric provides comfort, support, and durability.
  • Wide straps on one of our best-selling backs provide the utmost comfort and support.
  • Sizing: To prevent drag, our competition Women Swimsuit is designed to fit securely on the body. However, in the water, they will feel a little looser.