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Trigger Point Massage Roller | Calisthenics Roller Muscles

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Massage Yoga Foam Roller | High-Quality Foam Roller

A cylinder of dense foam, the roller can be used to perform self-massage on tight muscles, and also as an unstable base that moves backwards and forwards your muscles tissue. 

What does a muscle roller do?

Foam rolling helps decompress and relax those stiff muscles back to their natural position and release the tense trigger points that built up in the fascia. Foam rolling increases circulation and helps prepare the body for movement by stretching and loosening the muscles prior to working out.

Are muscle rollers effective?

Studies have shown that rolling out your muscles does decrease tissue tension and can improve your range of movement, increasing your speed and flexibility.

The function of the massage ball

The ball is a simple extra accessory and a massage tool which can help stimulate the blood circulation and massage muscles and relieve tension, it's usually easier to use and you can massage different muscle parts. 

How to Use a Foam Roller
  1. Pinpoint the sore or tight area of your muscle.
  2. Control your body as you slowly lower the targeted area so it's centred above the roller.
  3. Lower your body onto the foam roller until you reach a point of discomfort (but not pain) and hold it there.
  4. Hold for 20–30 seconds.

Color: Black/Red/orange/pink/purple
Red Roller Material: EVA
Black Roller Material: EPP
Good for: Massage
Feature: Foam Roller Trigger Point Massage Roller

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