Kids After Swimming Robe | Unisex Kids Camo Robe Swimcore
Kids After Swimming Robe | Unisex Kids Camo Robe Swimcore
Kids After Swimming Robe | Unisex Kids Camo Robe Swimcore
Kids After Swimming Robe | Unisex Kids Camo Robe Swimcore

Kids After Swimming Robe | Unisex Kids Camo Robe

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Kids After Swimming Robe

Wrap your little swimmer in cosy camo comfort post-pool with our versatile unisex kid's after-swim robe. 

KidsAfter Swimming Robe | Unisex Kids Camo Robe

Embark on a journey of exploration with our captivating Kids After Swimming Robe, the Unisex Kids Camo Robe crafted to unleash your little adventurer's inner spirit! No more shivers interrupting their aquatic conquests; this robe stands as the stalwart guardian against post-swim chills, enveloping them in warmth and comfort after a day of underwater marvels.

Kids After Swimming Robe | Unisex Kids Camo Robe

Secret Agent Pockets

Picture your young explorer draped in this camouflage masterpiece, exuding rugged charm while staying snug and dry. However, beyond its stylish exterior lies a world of functionality and fun waiting to be discovered. Our robes don't merely shield from the elements; they elevate pool and beach experiences into realms of excitement.

But wait - There's more! Hidden within these robes are secret agent pockets fit for stashing treasures only true adventurers possess: seashells, pebbles turned precious gems, or perhaps clandestine pool noodle inventions-turned-gadgetry. 

Kids After Swimming Robe | Unisex Kids Camo Robe
With durability woven into each stitch using premium materials­—these robes promise enduring camaraderie through endless summers echoing childhood laughter mingled with carefree escapades. These aren’t mere garments but vessels carrying memories shaping futures yet unfolded. Are you ready for an expedition like no other? Explore uncharted territories armed with nothing but curiosity clad in comfortable camouflage!
  • Crafted from ultra-absorbent material, our kids swim robe ensures quick drying after pool sessions.
  • With a cosy hood and large pockets, the unisex camo robe offers warmth and convenience.
  • Versatile design allows for easy slip-on post-swim or as a cover-up at the beach.
  • The durable fabric withstands frequent use, making it an essential addition to your child's swim gear collection.


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Excellent and sturdy pair of goggles! I like the super quick communication and delivery was quick too! Thanks

London, UK

Great customer service and attention to details. I would definetely buy more swim equipment in the future.

Los Angeles, CA

The material feels great, very well built. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor swimming. Very nice shop.

Doncaster, UK

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