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Swimming Goggles


      Men’s and Women’s Swimming Goggles- Enjoy your swim with a safe and clear vision!

      Whether you’re a competitive or recreational swimmer, goggles are essential. We’ve got everything from high-performance competition goggles to tailored prescription goggles to avoid wearing contact lenses in the pool.

      Here is why you should own goggles from swimcore...

      Comfortable: Try it to believe it! The swimming goggles are made with a high-quality flexible frame with an improved higher nosepiece to offer extreme comfort and ensure that your nose hurts or leaves any mark on your face.

      Zero Fog-up: the swimming goggles are coated with the latest Environmental Treatment Technology, which prevents fogging. Enjoy the clarity of your swimming adventure!

      Zero Leaking: The Premium material and Ergonomic design ensure the best fit on different facial forms and never allows water to leak in. The swimming goggles save your eyes from the harsh chemicals of the pool, salty water from the sea and floating debris that may damage your eyes severely. 

      Stylish look: Swimcore offers a wide selection of adorable colours to choose from! With the bright and cool colours, enjoy the high-fashion goggles and will stand out from the crowd.

      High-Performance: The outer surface of the lenses with colourful coating enables the lenses to reflect the dazzling sunlight, protect your eyes from the heat of the sun rays and also ensure safety from harmful UV radiation. 

      All our Swimming Goggles are adjustable, non-slip and anti-fog for maximum visibility and protection from harsh pool chemicals, seawater and floating debris. Explore our fabulous and adventurous collection below.

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