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      Swimming Hats and Headcovers

      There’s nothing worse than getting out of the pool and having hair tangled in your face and goggles! Plus, the harsh chemicals in the pool may damage your beautiful hair more than you can imagine. You have a similar story while enjoying a water adventure at sea. Your hair may get caught in debris, or salts can suck the life out of your shiny hair. 

      Now Swimcore to your rescue!

      Swimcore introduces Swimming Hats that solve your hair problem. These beautiful swimming hats not only save your precious hair from harsh pool chemicals but also keep the pool clean from nasty floating hairs! 

      The swimming hats are a must-have accessory as professional swimmers are never seen without it. However, if you enjoy swimming to stay fit or as a hobby, swimming hats may seem like an uncomfortable, strange-looking hassle. 

      But you have got to know- they’re great! Once you start wearing them, your hair will thank you for saving them.

      Swimming hats are not only for protection. These hats also help you to swim faster by gently compressing your head, hair, and ears to reduce drag and break cleanly through the water. Feel the water opening for you!

      Swimming hats by Swimcore are high quality and 100% soft silicone, so you are at ease swimming in the pool or ocean. They’re comfy, easy to take on and off and come in three eye-catching colours to make you visible from afar.

      Check out our soft and comfy swimming hats below.