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      Women Swimwear Collection.

      Have you ever had a refreshing swim ruined by a swimsuit that chafes, rides up or slips off? 

      We can hear you!

      We know the struggle of finding the perfect swimsuit. A swimsuit that offers you the freedom to enjoy and celebrate the time in the water.

      That’s why we’ve created a perfect lightweight, quick-drying and supportive women swimwear collection just for you! 

      It’s designed to fit you perfectly and compress you all in the right places, maximising your aerodynamics, freedom of movement and sense of lightness in the water -- all at a great price point without compromising on style.

      For us at Swimcore, the environment is of utmost importance, so we use strong and durable sustainable materials which protect our oceans and protect you from potentially dangerous water temperatures, debris and chemicals. And let’s not forget the swimwear also protects UV radiations that can potentially burn your sensitive skin.

      So whether you want a unique, colourful design to stand out on the beach or a competitive racing suit to increase your natural speed in the pool, be confident that we’ve done our homework to guarantee you excellent quality. We have ensured that you get a women’s swimwear collection that is trendy and makes you look chicer, sweeter and lovelier.

      Our years of experience with growing swimmers have taught us that the best swimming equipment is reliable equipment. So we offer long-lasting, confidence-boosting women swimwear that makes swimming fun and leaves your worries on the poolside. Explore our colourful and trendy collection below!

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