Altum Lady Wetsuit 3 mm | Women Swim Wetsuits Cressi
Altum Lady Wetsuit 3 mm | Women Swim Wetsuits Cressi
Altum Lady Wetsuit 3 mm | Women Swim Wetsuits Cressi
Altum Lady Wetsuit 3 mm | Women Swim Wetsuits Cressi

Altum Lady Wetsuit 3 mm | Women Swim Wetsuits

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Altum Lady WetsuitAltum Lady Wetsuit


Altum Lady Wetsuit 

Optimizes Comfort And Prevents Scraping, Especially In Points Of Greater Mobility.

Swimcore always offers the best when it comes to swimming. With collaboration with Cersi Swimcore proudly presents specially designed Altum Lady Wetsuit. It’s a wetsuit  for top-notch swim performance and competitions. The Altum Lady Wetsuit is perfect for both recreational users and professional swim athletes.

The one-piece ergonomic Altum Lady Wetsuit comes with 3 mm double-lined neoprene. The wetsuit is perfect for general snorkelling, swimming, sailing, and water sports. 

High-Quality soft Neoprene: The premium quality soft neoprene Altum Lady Wetsuit ensures your freedom to move in water. The suit comes with perfect thickness for warmth and comfort so you can have longer and quality water adventures. Due to the superior quality you can enjoy friction- free movement through water. 

Perfect fit:  The ergonomic watertight construction of the Altum Lady Wetsuit ensures minimum water resistance. The wetsuit comes with a rear zip so it hugs your body like another skin. 

Zero chafing and rubbing: The anti-rub neoprene fabric prevents chafing, redness and squeezing feel. The flexibility of the wetsuit saves your skin from feeling stressed and to help you enjoy water as much as you want.

Protection: The wetsuit offers you the ultimate protection from the harsh chemicals of the pool. Chlorine can potentially damage your soft and sensitive lady skin and cause redness and allergic reaction. So with this wetsuit dive on the pool or ocean with confidence.  Altum Lady Wetsuit also ensures your safety against harmful UV rays. 


  • Anti-corrosion metallic YKK zipper semi-seal for maximum durability
  • flaps that are "smooth against smooth" to reduce water leaks at the back. 
  • This is best for female swimmers.
  • 100% Neoprene.
  • Fastening: Zipper.
  • 1-Piece Wetsuit.
  • The inverted scaling finish improves the swimming stroke on the neoprene area below the forearms.
  • A smooth neoprene cuff finish on the collar enhances suit comfort while reducing rubbing.
  • Anti-fraying thread is used for flat sewing in panel construction.

Altum Lady Wetsuit Altum Lady Wetsuit

Order the Altum Lady Wetsuit today - Enjoy your water adventure with the quality seal of approval by Swimcore!