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I'm a strong swimmer and feel totally comfortable in the water... but I've always been nervous stepping into a gym. I knew that dry land workouts would really boost my in-pool performance but I had no idea about equipment or techniques. Luckily, I found Theo as an instructor: I can honestly say, no one has better attention to detail or cares more about client satisfaction and experience than him. This care and perfectionism really shows in his Swimcore products - I bought dumbbells, a wobble board and a skipping rope which are all great quality. Thanks Theo & Swimcore for all your advice and motivation!


Competition swimwear from the best competitive swimwear brands in the UK

Is swimming a big part of your life? Do you live for competitions and the satisfying feeling of winning? At Swimcore we’re passionate about swimming and have put together a fantastic range of products from some of the best competitive swimwear brands in the world. From men’s women’s and kids competitive swimwear to fitness equipment and sportwear, we’ve got some amazing products available in our online store.

As well as competition swimwear we also stock a range of swimming trunks and swimsuits for the more casual swimmer just looking to enjoy a trip to the pool with friends and family. In addition to our standard pool swimming clothing we also stock a great range of outdoor swimsuits and swimwear as well as surfing clothing such as rash vests and wetsuits. Our sporty triathlon wetsuits are designed to help you swim faster and help you maximise your in water performance.

At Swimcore we’re very much focused on helping our customers improve their swimming and get personal bests. From our racing suits to our trunks and swimsuits we offer some of the best competitive swimwear for amateur and professional athletes alike. Our own Swimcore brand of competition swimwear has been designed by swimmers to help reduce friction and drag in the water and increase efficiency.

Fitness and Training

Based in the UK, we’re one of the leading competitive swimwear stores in the country and we are committed to helping our customers find the best products to help them improve their fitness and train more effectively. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise but in order to get the best benefits you need the right tools. At Swimcore we stock a wide range of fitness and training equipment to help you build strength and endurance in and out of the pool.

From resistance bands and fitness smart watches to battle ropes and weight sets, we’ve got the equipment you need to take your fitness to the next level.

Competition swimwear for men, women and children

Whether you are just starting out with your local swimming club or are a regular competitive swimmer, our fantastic range of swimwear can help you improve your efficiency for better split times in the pool. Shop online now for the best deals on competitive swimwear from top brands including our very own Swimcore range.