Protein Crunch Snack Pack | PROMEAL® (60% Protein Bar) 20x40g Swimcore
Protein Crunch Snack Pack | PROMEAL® (60% Protein Bar) 20x40g Swimcore
Protein Crunch Snack Pack | PROMEAL® (60% Protein Bar) 20x40g Swimcore
Protein Crunch Snack Pack | PROMEAL® (60% Protein Bar) 20x40g Swimcore

Protein Crunch Snack Pack | PROMEAL® (60% Protein Bar) 20x40g

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Protein Crunch Snack Pack

Introducing the latest addition to your snacking routine - the Protein Crunch Snack Pack by PROMEAL. This snack pack comes loaded with 20x40g bars, each of which packs a whopping 60% protein! That's right, this snack is designed to cater to all those who prioritize their health and fitness goals over tasteless snacking options. The bar features an irresistibly crunchy texture that will leave you swooning for more while keeping your hunger pangs at bay.

Protein Crunch Snack Pack

Fuel your body with the protein-packed crunch of PROMEAL® Snack Pack 

The Protein Crunch Snack Pack contains only healthy ingredients that have been specially chosen to meet your daily macronutrient needs. So if you are constantly on-the-go and find it hard to maintain a balanced diet, worry no more! With this delicious snack in tow, you can now indulge guilt-free without compromising on health or flavour. Add some crunch and variety to your mundane snacking regimen today with the PROMEAL® Protein Crunch Snack Pack - after all, staying fit never tasted so good before!

  • Boost your protein intake with PROMEAL's Protein Crunch Snack Pack
  • Satisfy your cravings for a crunchy snack while maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Enjoy the convenience of 20 individually-wrapped bars in one pack
  • Fuel up on high-quality protein to support muscle growth and recovery
Protein Crunch Snack Pack

A healthy indulgence snack

Protein bar PROMEAL® PROTEIN CRUNCH 60% is a dietetic supplement, made in Italy,  with high percentage of proteins for: 

  • maintenance of lean body mass in slimming diets under doctor’s care;
  • growth of muscle mass with sport activity;
  • maintenance of normal bones;
  • improvement of normal energy metabolism;
  • protection of joint cartilages;
  • reduction of tiredness and fatigue;
  • protection from oxidative stress.

The formula of Promeal® Protein Crunch is unique, with a 60% of protein, vitamins and low in sugar.

Protein Crunch Snack Pack

20 bars of 40 g.
Read the instructions on the label carefully.

Nutritional table

100 g 1 bar – 40 g
Valore Energetico/Energy Value   359 kcal
 1509 kJ
 144 kcal 
 604 kJ 7% VNR
Grassi vegetali di cui/
Vegetable fat of which
 8,5 g  3,4 g 5% VNR
 Saturi/Saturated  7,3 g  2,9 g 15% VNR
Carboidrati di cui/
Carbohydrates of which
 12,5 g  5 g  2% VNR
 Zuccheri/Sugar  1 g  0,4 g 0,5% VNR
Fibre  5 g  2 g
Proteine/Protein  60 g  24 g 47% VNR
Sale/Salt  0,5 g  0,2 g 4% VNR
Vitamina/Vitamin C  100 mg  40 mg 50% VNR
Vitamina/Vitamin E  4,5 mg  1,8 mg 15% VNR
Niacina/Niacin  6 mg  2,4 mg 15% VNR
Ac. Pantotenico/Pantothenic Ac.   2,2 mg  0,9 mg 15% VNR
Vitamina/Vitamin A  300 mcg  120 mcg 15% VNR
Vitamina/Vitamin D  1,9 mcg  0,8 mcg 15% VNR
Vitamina/Vitamin B6  0,5 mg  0,2 mg 15% VNR
Vitamina/Vitamin B1  0,4 mg  0,17 mg 15% VNR
Vitamina/Vitamin B2  0,5 mg  0,2 mg 15% VNR
Ac. Folico(Folic Ac.  75 mcg  30 mcg 15% VNR
Vitamina/Vitamin K  28 mcg  11,2 mcg 15% VNR
Biotina/Biotin  18,8 mcg  8 mcg 15% VNR
Vitamina/Vitamin B12  1 mcg  0,4 mcg 15% VNR
Creatina  M./Creatine M.  625 mg  250 mg
L-Carnitina/L-Carnitine  125 mg  50 mg
BCAA  8,7 g  3,5 g


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